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Black Coffee in Bed

5 Nov

Please forgive me

But I’ve been in no mood to muse

Ever since my power lines

Blew a Frankenfuse.


I shouldn’t complain while others suffer

Flooded homes and no communication.

My worst problem has been cold showers

And Pop-Tarts-related constipation.


Yesterday we installed a generator

Thanks to our electrician, Dave.

I had been sleeping under so many blankets

I feared my chest would cave.


Last night we schmoozed with some new friends

Around their kitchen table.

They shared their food, they shared their wine,

They shared WiFi and cable.


I feel grateful to my friends and family

For their spirit of generosity and giving.

October may have skipped Halloween

But it brought us early Thanksgiving.


My hope is that by next week

My Musings will be back.

For now I’ll learn to like sardines

And take my coffee black.


May we all keep in our hearts and prayers those who have suffered and continue to suffer from the devastation of Hurricane Sandy.

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