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Thanksgiving Tradition With A Green Jello Twist

21 Nov

“Guess what?”  I tell my husband.  “Your mom called. We’re hosting Thanksgiving this year.”

“But she always hosts Thanksgiving!” he replies.  “Did she say why?”


“I bet she’s still . . .”


“Yep.  Ever since that question you asked at the dinner table two years ago.  ‘So kids, what dish do you think Grandma T. makes best of all?’” he says, imitating me perfectly.

“First of all, that sounds nothing like me,” I lie.  And second, how did I know the kids would say, ‘green jello’?’”

“You know she’ll never forgive you.”

“I know,” I say.  “She always reminds me,  ‘I make the best sausage and peppers in Monmouth County, and all your kids remember me for is my green jello salad!’”

“And then last year she didn’t serve the jello at all . . .”

“The kids were bummed . . .”

“Maybe we should talk to her about it,” he suggests.

“No,” I shake my head.  “Let’s just host and pretend nothing happened.”

“That’s brave of you,” he says.   “I hope you know how to make . . .”

“Green jello?” I ask.

“No, a turkey.”


Is jello salad a staple at your Thanksgiving gatherings?  What’s your Thanksgiving twist?

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