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Ten Reasons Why I Love My Husband

26 Mar

After twenty years of marriage, I still love my husband.  Here are ten reasons why:

1.  He shares three kids with me, a dog, and on the nights he’s not snoring, a bed.

2.  He supplies me with life insurance, cable TV, and belly laughs.

3. He makes the best homemade garlic pickles.

4. He knows finance, politics, and when its time for my estrogen cream rubdowns.

5. He’s smart but tells me I’m smarter, even though it’s a lie.

6. He puts me before the Jets.

7.  He keeps the family safe by setting the burglar alarm each night and keeping a 33” Louisville Slugger under his side of the bed, just in case . . .

8.  He protects me from embarrassment by reminding me to lower my voice in public after my second glass of wine.

9. He’s my hero. (A distinction he’s shared with only two other men:  my dad and my hair stylist).

10.  He loves me more than the dog—even if he tells her more often . . .

~ Happy Anniversary Chris~


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